Last night I downloaded Symfonie to my Nokia N900 and what a wonderful media player it is? What sets it aside from the default media player is it’s extra features and it has a wealth of those. Created by Cuong Tham, the author behind the Code Central dot com, this is one feature packed media player.

Support for the following file types (mp3, wma, m4a, mp4, ogg, wav, flac, acc, m4p, ape, 3pg, ra, gsm, dct, vox, mmf, au, mpc, aiff, raw, dss). Now that is one mega list of supported music extensions and even though I am unlikely to play a *.3pg or *.aiff, I do have a lot of *.flac, *.wav, *.mp3, *.ogg, *.vox and how useful to be able to play them all in one player. Flac in particular sound awesome. (Man oh man).

Not only does it support all those file types, but one can switch off file types and then those files are not available to play. I tested it with *.mp3 (and went into a folder I know contained *.mp3 and true as bob, there were no *.mp3’s listed so it works).

Plays music files by folders (awesome, forget about genres, albums, playlists and artists), which I feel the default media player lacks. Often I copy files that have no Mp3 ID tags into a music folder with a random name and the default player does not recognize the folder. It recognizes the music, but drops it into an unknown album, or unknown artist (which is such a pain). The ‘play music by music folder’ even shows the media card.
Clearly defined icons on the bottom of the screen. Even a full screen button (nice).
Supports landscape, portrait and automatic view. (Another nice touch).
It’s got a sleep timer. (Absolutely brilliant).
It’s got a ten band equalizer something the default media player is missing. Not that I know how to use it, but I know I can add extra bass and treble to my songs.

It’s got an Options screen where one can set the font size (nice touch), so one is not forced to use the stylus.

Show or hide the toolbar,
Switch on or off continuous play (again very useful if one has a folder full of miscellaneous music),
Auto resume playback.

The ability to delete songs or folders in one go. (can be dangerous in the wrong hands I guess).

Wish list:

If I were to wish for a few extras that could make Symfonie awesome they would be:

Support for *.m3u files. Playlists for me are far better than albums or artists and most folders of music would contain at least one playlist.
Preset sound effects such as rock, pop, classical, more bass, more treble etc, to compliment the ten band equalizer.
Bluetooth support. I use my Nokia BH-905 headphones every day and often my Nokia N900 sits in my top pocket or in my bag and I control the player from the right headphone. I would like to be able to volume up or down, play, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, skip back or forward and of course when the phone rings (it is a phone remember) the music should pause automatically and restart automatically when the phone call terminates.