Étiquette : Nokia N 900 Accessories

Emeryth created a gamepad for the Nokia N900.

Here is a novel way of playing games on my Nokia N900. Emeryth of EmerytHacks has created himself a gamepad that connects via the USB port. The gamepad fits on top of the keyboard. It has 8 buttons and a PSP joystick and emulates a USB keyboard. It will work with all games and programs. Take a look at the video and visit his website for photos and more information. It’s genius.

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PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger + Nokia N900.

There is no shame in admitting that my Nokia N900 is the greatest Smartphone on this planet and yet it is flawed in one crucial department… the battery. To be honest, on a day to day basis it is the least of my worries as I have battery chargers everywhere and it’s a way of life now to plug the N900 in when not in use, whether it is at night next to my bed, or on my desk or at the office. I always carry the Nokia DC-11 in case of an emergency, so running out of juice is rarely a problem.

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