Étiquette : Nokia N 900 Media

Somebody created SomePlayer 1.5.0 for Maemo 5.

Nikolay Tischenko has just released a music player called SomePlay 1.5.0. Visit maemo.org where he announced his creation this afternoon. It’s taken him six months to develop, test and perfect. It almost appears as if Nokolay has taken the best music players for the Nokia N900 (the default player + media player + symfonie + Instictiv + Rockbox) and rolled them into one incredibly, awesome music player.

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cute Tube is more than a Youtube player.

I like applications that are well written and fun to use on my Nokia N900. cute Tube by Stuart Howarth is one such application. It plays Youtube videos really well. The interface is clean and very effective. When the application starts up it remembers the account you were last logged in as.

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Symfonie is a brilliant music player for the N900.

Last night I downloaded Symfonie to my Nokia N900 and what a wonderful media player it is? What sets it aside from the default media player is it’s extra features and it has a wealth of those. Created by Cuong Tham, the author behind the Code Central dot com, this is one feature packed media player.

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