Étiquette : Nokia N 900 Meego

MaeMeeMo on my Nokia N900.

In my quest to find out about OS Nemo, I stumbled upon MaeMeeMo and this video makes me want to try it out on my Nokia N900 as soon as possible as it looks freaking awesome.

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Nokia Sweden changes the rules for N9 Test Pilot.

For the past few weeks I have been rallying friends, family and colleagues to post a comment or recommendation on my Nokia N9 Test Pilot website. The idea is that I pitch the reason why I should be given the chance to test pilot the N9. My pitch is on the top half of the website, which I believe stands me in a good position because I have a popular website, I am a massive fan of Nokia and the N900 (N9 or N950), I regularly blog, tweet and pasionately motivate people why they should go with a Nokia instead of other brands and willing to make the N9 an even more popular phone with my reviews, blogs and tweets.

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My Nokia N900 needs your help to test pilot a N9.

Normally I would be giving you news of the latest Nokia N900 applications or widgets, or something amazing about the Nokia N900, but today I am asking my visitors for some help. I need your recommendations added to the comment field of my website http://n9pilot.se/deltagare/mike-bowen# over at Nokia Sweden.

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Nokia N9 video teaser released (Hello MeeGo).

It’s just typical of Nokia to release a video like this. There is not much to see, only glimpses of Maemo-like multi-tasking screens, a QWERTY keyboard (YAY!), a 12MP camera. If this is the new MeeGo, it looks freaking awesome!

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MeeGo 1.2 will be released on the 19th of May.

MeeGo 1.2 will be released on the 19th of May 2011 and a few days later it will be available for my Nokia N900. This will happen between the 19th and 25th of May 2011. Not many mobile users these days can boast about three different operating systems available for their Smartphones, but Nokia N900 users certainly can. We have already experienced NITDroid (Android Gingerbread 2.3.4), Maemo 5 and soon Meego 1.2. These are exciting times...

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The MeeGo Coding Competition 2011.

The Meego Coding Competition started on the 1st April 2011 and will run through to the 30th June 2011. The idea behind the competition is to get like minded Maemo/Meego enthusiasts together to share ideas and to write or code new applications for the upcoming Meego devices, including my Nokia N900. How can YOU get involved? Well, I for one love my Nokia N900 because there are thousands of great applications available for free, added to that an excellent Maemo/Meego community that offers great support. These good people have taken up a lot of their time to write great applications and so for me it’s all about giving back by donating money to the people that really deserve it. This competition is no exception. For those of us who are not programmers or developers by day or night, we can still make the competition great by donating money towards the competition prize fund. The organisers have setup a PayPal fund. Note: if you are a member of the talk.maemo.org – you can leave your username on the PayPal payment screen. There is a link named “Meego Coding Competition 2011“, which opens a small text box and you are able to add your username to it. That way the organisers can add you to the donation list. How to enter the competition? To enter, please submit your application via the...

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A video of Meego running on a Nokia N900.

The news on the forums at talk.maemo.org is that a Meego version will be rolling out a RC1 version very soon followed by RC2, RC3, RC4 a week a part and there will be a final version released on the 28th April. The thread is quite long with various people moaning about the lack of news from Nokia, but the video below is quite pleasing.

It is still early days or Nokia are not showing us everything.

Roll on April 28th 2011. Just a pity (not) that I will be sunning myself on a Jamaican beach in the Caribbean. and won’t be able to install it on my Nokia N900.

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