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The dailymobile blog has a new writer.

So I have some big news to tell everyone. I have been chosen to write on www.dailymobile.se – They were looking for writers and I thought I can do that, so applied and they asked me to write a 500 word post on anything I like. I wrote about the reasons why I switched from the Nokia N900 to the Samsung Galaxy S II, and they wrote back and asked me to join their team of writers. So I have accepted and so far have two posts on their website. The latest being “Why are wireless Bluetooth over-ear, noise cancelling and in-line microphone headphones so scarce“?

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Nokia Sweden changes the rules for N9 Test Pilot.

For the past few weeks I have been rallying friends, family and colleagues to post a comment or recommendation on my Nokia N9 Test Pilot website. The idea is that I pitch the reason why I should be given the chance to test pilot the N9. My pitch is on the top half of the website, which I believe stands me in a good position because I have a popular website, I am a massive fan of Nokia and the N900 (N9 or N950), I regularly blog, tweet and pasionately motivate people why they should go with a Nokia instead of other brands and willing to make the N9 an even more popular phone with my reviews, blogs and tweets.

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My Nokia N900 needs your help to test pilot a N9.

Normally I would be giving you news of the latest Nokia N900 applications or widgets, or something amazing about the Nokia N900, but today I am asking my visitors for some help. I need your recommendations added to the comment field of my website http://n9pilot.se/deltagare/mike-bowen# over at Nokia Sweden.

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