Étiquette : Nokia N 900 Speed

An even faster speed patch for your Nokia N900.

I had just finished writing the “How to speed up your Nokia N900 considerably?” post, and there is already a newer (final version of the speed patch) available from Karam and guess what? It’s even quicker. Most noticeable flicking through different screens, or the taskbar and even scrolling in the application menu etc.

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How to speed up your Nokia N900 considerably?

@Karam over at talk.maemo.org has taken a ‘speed up patch‘ written for the Linux operating system and converted it so that it works on my Nokia N900. The first post in the thread (73315) is titled “[ANNOUNCE] Script (speedpatch) + Tweaks To Speed UP N900 (Update)“. It explains what one needs to do to speed up your N900. There are some extra tips in the post as well such as :

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