Étiquette : Nokia N 900 Video

Strawberries anyone?

There is a new video by Luovatone showing off his skills using the MyPaint application and ‘Tone’s Brush Set Version 2‘ on the Nokia N900. The video is sped up, but it is truly jaw dropping watching the drawing of strawberries take shape and the amount of detail that goes into the art.

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nokia N900.

I was browsing coolsmartphone.com the other day when one particular post caught my eye. It was titled “Nokia N900 shown running ICS” and my heart started to skip a few beats. Had the N900 beaten all the other Smartphones waiting to get ICS on the device?

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Stream music video photos to ? with MiniDLNA.

There is a great little app called MiniDLNA by Karl Wintermann that allows me to turn my Nokia N900 into a multimedia hub that can stream music, video and photos to any DLNA supported devices, and these days there are plenty of them around (Video Cameraa, PC, XBOX, PS3, Most new digital LED/LCD TV’s, multimedia boxes, NAS servers etc).

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How to install the new portrait hildon-desktop?

Arcean, the guy behind Gnumeric – a spreadsheet application for N900, has created a script that allows my Nokia N900 to work in portrait mode (Yes, portrait mode has always worked if CSSU is installed but with this script the icons on the desktop now spin around when the N900 is turned into portrait mode). It’s not quite a rotating homes screen / view, but it is close.

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Do you remember where the Nokia N900 began?

I was just reading about this “possible” Nokia Internet Tablet called TabCo and somehow in amongst all the stories and videos was a reference to a great Maemo video. Do you remember this viral video (the ending is awesome if you have the patience to watch through to the end).

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PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger + Nokia N900.

There is no shame in admitting that my Nokia N900 is the greatest Smartphone on this planet and yet it is flawed in one crucial department… the battery. To be honest, on a day to day basis it is the least of my worries as I have battery chargers everywhere and it’s a way of life now to plug the N900 in when not in use, whether it is at night next to my bed, or on my desk or at the office. I always carry the Nokia DC-11 in case of an emergency, so running out of juice is rarely a problem.

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PhoneStream from front or back camera to PC.

I downloaded this awesome application called PhoneStream, created by tetris11_. It allows one to stream either the front/back camera or microphone to a Desktop PC either through VLC media player (windows/linux), Xout (linux), or one can use your N900 as a primary webcam (linux). It can also record a file locally to the phone, or record onto ones desktop (VLC or linux).

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Nokia N9 video teaser released (Hello MeeGo).

It’s just typical of Nokia to release a video like this. There is not much to see, only glimpses of Maemo-like multi-tasking screens, a QWERTY keyboard (YAY!), a 12MP camera. If this is the new MeeGo, it looks freaking awesome!

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A video of Meego running on a Nokia N900.

The news on the forums at talk.maemo.org is that a Meego version will be rolling out a RC1 version very soon followed by RC2, RC3, RC4 a week a part and there will be a final version released on the 28th April. The thread is quite long with various people moaning about the lack of news from Nokia, but the video below is quite pleasing.

It is still early days or Nokia are not showing us everything.

Roll on April 28th 2011. Just a pity (not) that I will be sunning myself on a Jamaican beach in the Caribbean. and won’t be able to install it on my Nokia N900.

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