Étiquette : Nokia N 900 Widget

How to install HTC Sense theme on N900?

There is a wonderful thread over at talk.maemo.org created by ammyt explaining how I can set up the Sense theme on my Nokia N900. Ammyt only recently told us how to install the Sense theme on our NITDroid N900. The guy is incredibly dedicated to the Sense cause.

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Oculo brings dynamic content to my desktop.

Imagine being able to bring any part of a website to your desktop. For example; I am only interested in the sidebar of talk.maemo.org because it shows the latest threads or topics people are talking about. Introducing Oculo by Mardy, a new widget for my Nokia N900, which makes it possible to show parts of a website on my desktop.

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World Cup Soccer 2010 – Pelota – Nokia N900 Widget.

The world cup starts today in my homeland South Africa and keeping up to date with all the latest scores over the next few weeks is going to be critical especially if your name is Bowen and you have multiple bets running on the various games that are being played. So I am pleased to report a little football widget / application called Pelota for the Nokia N900 /N97 and Nokia 5800.

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