Take it away Marco is a virtual drum kit application for my Nokia N900. Here is a video of the application in action.

I would imagine this app would be a lot better if the N900 was a multi-touch device. I tried it for a few minutes and that was about all it took before I removed it off my Nokia N900. Not only did it annoy my wife, but it annoyed me and that takes a lot to do. I feel it’s a pointless noisy app.

The application has 21 drum or cymbal sounds which are made by pressing the squares on the right side of the screen. If you don’t want to do that, you can switch on the accelerometer and merely move the N900 up or down, or tilt it from side to side to make a noise

However, I can see a use for it if plugged into a very loud Amplifier – to annoy inconsiderate neighbours with loud parrots or for folk who like to play there music after midnight. Take it away Marco would be a good retaliator