The Meego Coding Competition started on the 1st April 2011 and will run through to the 30th June 2011. The idea behind the competition is to get like minded Maemo/Meego enthusiasts together to share ideas and to write or code new applications for the upcoming Meego devices, including my Nokia N900.

How can YOU get involved?

Well, I for one love my Nokia N900 because there are thousands of great applications available for free, added to that an excellent Maemo/Meego community that offers great support. These good people have taken up a lot of their time to write great applications and so for me it’s all about giving back by donating money to the people that really deserve it.

This competition is no exception. For those of us who are not programmers or developers by day or night, we can still make the competition great by donating money towards the competition prize fund. The organisers have setup a PayPal fund.

Note: if you are a member of the – you can leave your username on the PayPal payment screen. There is a link named “Meego Coding Competition 2011“, which opens a small text box and you are able to add your username to it. That way the organisers can add you to the donation list.

How to enter the competition?

To enter, please submit your application via the competition submission page available at Please note that only applications entered through the submission page will be counted as valid entries in the competition. New participants are welcome to join at any time up until the closing date. You will also need to provide some details for the judging thread, including at least 2 screenshots, a brief description of your application, and an outline of what work you personally completed on it.

Authors who mark their entry as ‘beginner’ will also have their application automatically entered into the beginner category. Only applications entered through the submission page will be counted as valid entries in the competition.


Developers of promising apps will probably receive a MeeGo device.

If you will be elected by the community as one of the main winners, you will fly to the MeeGo Conference in November and sleep there in a nice hotel. There you will meet a lot of like-minded. Without having to pay a single cent.

If Nokia likes your app, they will preinstall it on their first MeeGo device!

But even if you won’t win one of the main prizes, that does not mean you get nothing! We will have cash prizes this time, too. Independent of sponsorship funds, last time the community extensively donated. About $1000.00 came together! Will we be able to beat this record-sum this year? Your donation is just a click away!

The winning author of the beginner category will also receive a MeeGo application programming book of their choice to help develop their skills further (donated by Kojacker).

There is a lot more detail on the Meego Coding Competition 2011 website, so please do visit it for more information.