Tommi has been hard at work updating his very cool Facebook application called Kasvopus 0.9.4. Browsing photos and writing comments has been the focus. It is very impressive.

Tommi’s latest changes are:

One is able to easily go to your friends wall directly from the status view.

On the ‘wall view’ you can write a comment on your friend’s wall or browse their photo albums.

From the ‘albums list’ you can browse album thumbnails and photos.

One can also like or comment individual photos.
Clicking on the Kasvopus brings up a little mini menu whereby one can click on Friends or Wall or Photos or Home or Events. (Very cool indeed).

Please visit Tommi’s website Substance of code for more information and a short video of Kasvopus in action. You can also visit the Kasvopus website where there are links to download the application.

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Kasvopus is the Facebook client for the N900.