The subject of this post contains a few essential keywords that I picked up from mbthomas on the where he describes his new website called

Here is what mbthomas says about his website

A couple ideas drove the development…
– make it as fast as possible.
– make it simple.
– make it touch friendly.
– portrait “enabled” (use Midori to check this out… however, overall it seems to work better in the default browser).
– make it look nice.

True to his word Tweetgo is everything he says it is and more. I would describe it with some extra choice words such as brilliant, excellent, user friendly, slick, easy to use, quick, works amazingly well in portrait mode, has a fantastic search function, a must have bookmark on my Nokia N900.

I have tested it in Opera 11, Firefox 4 and MicroB and it works well in all three browsers. If you have the lates CSSU update PR then you will love the portrait mode.

Source: – a Twitter web app for the N900