I ran the following instructions to remove NITDRoid: (Instructions from the NITDRoid Easy Install WIKI).

root mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /and -o noatime nitdroid-uninstaller

After it completes, simply format your microSD card, then using filebox delete nitdroid’s installation folders and files that were copied to home: bin, data, dev, etc (symlink), initrd, lib (symlink), mnt, proc, sbin, sdcard, sys, system, tmp, usr,default.prop, init, init.nokia.rc, init.rc

Now it seems I have encountered the following problems.

Check out the names, they have lost the English name and all appear like code:

However it not all the names that are wrong:

The real problem: I used the ‘moveroot.sh‘ script to clean my Rootfs as it was running out of space. This script moved the Language folder to the home folder and when I unistalled NITDroid, this folder was deleted too. A very big and costly mistake and so I had to flash my eMMc & Rootfs to fix the problem.