One of the cool features of my Nokia N900 is that it has a cover over the camera lens and flash to protect it from dust and scratches. In order to use the camera I just slide back the cover and voila the camera is ready to shoot photos or video, but what if I wanted to use the two bright LED lights as a flashlight only?

Say hello to Flashlight-Extra GTK 0.2, created by Ilya Skriblovsky, this is a very useful application, which I stumbled upon under the Desktop area in the Application Manager.

It’s been possible to use your N900’s LED as a flashlight for quite some time, using the Flashlight menu application, but it’s slightly flawed because one has to start up the camera application first, then close the camera application, then click on the menu bar and finally select the Flashlight option.

It hadn’t really bothered me that much in the past until I discovered this brilliant little 16KB application. Now it is so easy. Simply slide the cover back and up pops a choice to run the Flashlight or Camera.