I downloaded a great little word game called Wordsler from Extra Devel in the Application Manager. It was created by Slocan and announced on the talk.maemo.org website.

The goal of the game is …

The game layout is very simple with only four possible buttons to press (New Game, Time Trial, About and Exit). There is also a ‘Highest Scores’ window showing regular mode scores and time trial scores and when these scores were achieved.

In regular mode there are 58 cards in total. The game ends when you can’t find a word or you run out of cards.

The Time Trial game has a 2 minute timer, so the aim is to get as many words in before the time is up.

It’s a great game if you are into word games and keeping your brain alive Wordsler is available via your Application Manager and can be found in Extras-Devel.