Scorpius over at has been coding a Whatsapp client called Yappari.

It is a very Alpha version although you will find it to be quite stable.

So being stable I decided to go ahead and install it on my Nokia N900. All the instructions are from the #1 post on so please visit and re-visit this post/thread for updates as things change.


You need to have Qt and Qt-Mobility installed, so type the following commands as “root” to install or determine if you have them:

apt-get install libqt4-core libqt4-dbus libqt4-xml

apt-get install libqtm-contacts libqtm systeminfo libqtm-messaging

Update – 09/06/2013: there have been 6 newer versions since the writing of my post (below are from the same source ( post #1):
0.0.34 – Full group support:
0.0.33 – Fixed sync crashes:
0.0.32 – Profile pictures:
0.0.31 – Fixed registration once again:
0.0.30 – Implemented sending and reception of videos and audio files:
0.0.29 – Implemented new upload method. Fixed several bugs:

My instructions still stand, but you will need to decide on a version. I recommend v0.0.34, but it is up to you.

Download the .deb file: and install it.


The first time you run the application you have to type in your country code and mobile number.
Note: DO NOT TYPE IN ANY LEADING ZEROS IN THE PHONE NUMBER SPACE, therefore if your number is 0712345678 then type in 712345678.

You will see a message saying your number will be verified, press ‘Save’ or ‘Close without Saving’. I found you had to press Save to continue.

It then shows the following screen and at the same time you should receive a six digit code via SMS.

And sadly this is where my journey ended because at the time of registering, I didn’t have my correct SIM card in my Nokia N900, nor was my phone set to the correct time or date (doh!). I received the pin code on my other mobile phone, but it would not accept the code on the N900. I quit Yappari through the menu, shut the phone down, put in my correct SIM card and restarted and repeated the above steps with little success. I think I will leave it for a day or two when I next get some time to tinker.

Update 30th January 2013: I switched my SIM card into my Nokia N900 and it now works. After getting past the registering screen I saw a message saying “contacts will be synchronized in the background” and I could see the three friend groups I had created on my Samsung Galaxy Android Whatsapp.

I send a test message from my ‘Sunny London’ group chat and have received multiple replies so it definitely works.

Tapping on the menu reveals some specific options for the group such as “Delete All Messages, Mute, Leave Group, Send Multimedia and Change Subject”. I already tested the “Send Multimedia” and it works well.

You can see in the above screenshot Yappari is running depicted by the blue icon with black telephone. This is what Yappari looks like from the notification bar:

I guess if you have managed to get Yappari working on your Nokia N900 then please give generously to Scorpius via his donate button especially since he is happy to continue working on this application, remember this is the only working Whatsapp client available for the Nokia N900.

For a Changelog visit post #1 on

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